Meaning of visual contamination

What is visual pollution:

Visual contamination is everything that prevents the visualization of the space around us as well as the aesthetic appreciation of the landscape, due to the excess of visual information, be it graphic, architectural, technical, technological, etc.

Visual pollution is produced by human intervention in the environment. What pollutes are unnatural elements placed in the environment by humans in a disorderly, disjointed, excessive and visually aggressive way, thereby exceeding the human capacity to process and assimilate visual information.

Among these elements we can mention: billboards, propaganda posters, antennas, electricity and wiring towers, excessive signage, chimneys, poles, vandalism graffiti, accumulated garbage, etc.

There is also visual pollution when a building does not respect municipal construction regulations and interrupts the visual of the urban or rural landscape. For this reason, municipalities usually have strict regulations on the dimensions that new buildings that are built around a monument can have.

Types of visual pollution

Visual pollution can be classified according to the type of element that produces it. Let's see:

  • Light pollution: is that produced by the abuse of resources and light stimuli, such as neon signs, reflectors, excess public lighting, etc. Light pollution prevents, in fact, gazing at the starry sky. In some parts of the world it cannot be seen almost entirely.
  • Advertising pollution: is that produced by the excess of billboards and advertising and propaganda posters.
  • Architectural pollution: is that produced by constructions that deteriorate the view of the landscape, be it natural or urban.
  • Industrial pollution: it is the one that comes from all kinds of devices for industrial use such as chimneys, poles, power lines, etc.
  • Pollution by waste: is the one that is produced by the indiscriminate accumulation of garbage or solid waste that, in addition to constituting a sanitary problem, affects the visual of the landscape or environment.

Effects and consequences of visual pollution

Visual contamination produced by excess electrical wiring.

From this it is concluded that visual pollution affects in two senses: the first and most evident of them, the aesthetic appreciation of the landscape, be it urban or rural. The second, much more complex, is damage to health. Let's list the most obvious effects and consequences.

  • Negative effect on the aesthetics of the place.
  • Stress due to excess information.
  • Increase in the rate of traffic accidents.
  • Breaking the balance in the ecosystem.
  • Accumulation of subconscious information.
  • Decreased productivity.
  • Changes in mood
  • Headaches.
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