Meaning of Convergent

What is Convergent:

Convergent is the act of converging. It refers to the meeting of two points, things, ideas or situations that start from different places.

Converger, or also in its correct but less common form to converge, comes from the Latin converge, which means "meeting between two separate lines that meet at the same point."

The tendency towards a common direction, goal or result between two different ideas or situations is defined as convergent.

In mathematics, a convergent series is considered a sequence of sums with a finite limit.

Some synonyms for convergent are: coincident, affine, concordant, correlative, and confluent.

Convergent thinking

Convergent thinking is considered in psychology as one that uses logical reasoning to reach a solution. It contrasts with divergent thinking that seeks an answer to a problem through new forms of unconventional approach.

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Converging lenses

Converging lenses are transparent pieces used in optical instruments with an outward curve. The convex curvature of converging lenses causes light rays that reflect perpendicularly towards the lens to focus on a single point called the focus (F).

Converging lenses are generally used for the correction of hyperopia, a defect that hinders near vision.

There are three types of converging lenses:

  • Biconvex: have convex curves on both sides of the lens.
  • Planoconvex: composed of a flat side and another side with a convex curve.
  • Concavoconvex: They have one side with a slightly concave curve and the other side with a convex curve.

See also Optics.

Convergent evolution

In biology, convergent evolution or evolutionary convergence refers to the phenomenon in which two independent structures evolve towards the same form, as, for example, the case of winged animals.

Converging edge

In geography, the convergent edge is the limit where two plates of the lithosphere, called tectonic plates, collide, causing one of them to sink below the other. The converging edge forms mountains and contributes to the evolution of the continents.

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