Coordination Meaning

What is Coordination:

Coordination is the action and effect of coordinating or coordinating. It can refer to joining or putting two or more things together so that they form a harmonious or synchronized whole. It can also refer to the action of directing or putting various elements to work with a common goal. The word, as such, comes from Latin coordinatio, coordinatiōnis.

Coordination, in this sense, is a broad concept that can be applied to different areas. We can talk about the physical coordination of a person to carry out actions or carry out activities.

We can also refer to coordination in the field of organization management when it comes to agreeing and adjusting processes, methods and tasks in a dynamic, business environment.

For example, a person who performs coordinator functions will have the task of planning, organizing and arranging the various tasks, actions or processes of those who are part of a work team, all this in order to achieve certain results.

Thus, coordination is essential in various aspects of everyday life: in traffic, at a football game, at a dance, in our work.

Motor coordination

Motor coordination, also known as physical or body coordination, is one that involves the individual's ability to move, manipulate objects, move or interact with other individuals or with their environment.

Physical coordination uses the entire musculoskeletal system, as well as the sensory faculties, to synchronize the movements of the body, perform actions or perform an activity according to a purpose.

Swimming, running, walking, climbing a ladder, etc., are all activities that require motor coordination to carry out a task.

Motor coordination is essential in the area of ​​physical education, and it is a fundamental aspect to achieve adequate physical conditioning for playing sports.

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