Meaning of Backup

What is Backup:

It is understood by backup copy, information backup, reserve copy or back up (in English), a copy that is made of the original data and files in order to prevent the partial or total loss of information from the hard disk or any other device.

Backup copies are usually performed on a different storage medium than the original, such as an external storage unit. In this way, in the worst case, the files saved on the computer would not be lost or damaged.

In this case, the user will be more satisfied knowing that their data and information are backed up against any computer failure, whether accidental or massive, caused by breakdowns, technical failures or by a cyberattack.

It is important to make backup copies of the stored data from time to time, especially those that are considered of great value such as texts, images or videos, since, in the worst case, if all the information were to be lost, the person may even experience an episode of stress or panic.

Hence, the importance of backups lies in not losing the information that is stored both on the computer and on a mobile device, the second is precisely the recovery of said data and, in the most complex case, its reconstruction.

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Backup types

There are different types of backups or backup depending on personal or corporate needs, including:

Full backup: as the name implies, a full backup is made to a general file, which is compressed to take up less space. However, it is not recommended to make these copies continuously because the same files will be saved more than once, whether they have modifications or not, and space will be lost.

However, it is a method that facilitates the backup and recovery of files and data.

Differential backup: After performing a full backup, a differential backup can be carried out, which consists of copying the new files or the modifications of the information already backed up, which saves storage space and does so a faster method.

Incremental backups: it is very similar to differential backup, but in this case only the new files or the latest modifications starting from the last backup are copied.

Mirror backup: differs from full backup in that the files are not compressed and do not have a key or password to protect the backed up information.

How to make a backup

Backups can be done in different ways depending on the convenience of each user.

The most used methods can be: making physical copies of the files, backups in a cloud storage service, copying the files and data to other storage devices such as external memories or pendrive and even transferring information from one computer to another through a specialized program.

Now, regarding the data or files stored on the different mobile devices, the backup will be carried out as allowed by the operating system of the same, especially since each computer works with different software.

For example, on Apple branded devices, the user can make a backup through iCloud or iTunes. In computers that use the Android system, a backup can be made through the Adjustment option and then Configuration.

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