Meaning of corporeity

What is Corporeity:

The corporeality refers to the characteristics of that which has a body or has consistency. It is directly related to the existence of the body, taking into account the physical, motor, intellectual, social and emotional aspects.

This is a broad term that involves different areas of study, therefore it can be analyzed from physical education, philosophy, psychology, chemistry, among others.

The corporeality goes beyond the physical existence of a body, it also involves the senses in order to be able to expose what is perceived through them. In this way humans can expose sensory information that they can hardly recognize otherwise.

All people are born with a body that transforms over time, adapts as it builds an awareness of itself and manages to expose itself to being able to feel, do, think and relate to everything that surrounds them.

The importance of corporeality lies in the possibility of involving emotional, social, cultural and physical experiences that are unique in each being and that constitute the individuality of people.

That is, by means of corporeity, individuals define and differentiate themselves physically and spiritually.

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