Meaning of Custom

What is Custom:

The custom is the practice or the habitual and frequent way of doing or thinking of a person, culture or tradition.

The word custom derives from Latin customary, which was already used in Roman law, and derives from the verb that means "to take the habit or practice of something globally".

Among the synonyms for custom can be found: habit, tradition, routine, custom. Custom translates into English as habit Y custom when referring to a tradition.

The custom can be personal, for example, "Juan has the habit of eating bread for breakfast." It can also be a cultural custom related to traditions such as frequent acts and rites passed down from generation to generation, such as, for example, "in India it is customary to eat with your hands."

See also:

  • Culture.
  • Tradition.

Good manners

Good manners, on the other hand, refer to a person with socially accepted behaviors, considering the person of good manners as someone with a good education, and is associated with the definition of morality in a society.

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  • Moral.
  • Moral values.

Religious customs

Religious customs are part of the cultural tradition of a religion that is generally expressed in rites or rituals such as, for example, "on Good Friday it is customary to commemorate the death of Jesus with liturgies, prayers and hymns."

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