Meaning of Creativity

What is Creativity:

The creativity, also called original thinking, creative thinking, inventiveness, constructive imagination or divergent thinking, is the ability to create, innovate, generate new ideas or concepts, or new associations between known ideas and concepts, which usually lead to new conclusions, resolve problems and produce original and valuable solutions. Creativity is the production of an idea or a concept, a creation or a discovery that is new, original, useful, and satisfies both its creator and others for some period of time.

Creativity or original thinking is a mental process that is born from the imagination and encompasses several intertwined mental processes. These processes have not been fully deciphered by physiology. The quality of creativity can be valued by the final result and this is a process that develops over time and is characterized by originality, adaptability and its possibilities of concrete realization.

The human brain has two hemispheres with different competencies between them and it seems that this difference in competencies is unique to the human being. Although creativity also occurs in many animal species, their brains totally differ from ours, because they are specialized in responding to visual, olfactory, etc. stimuli and needs.

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