Twilight meaning

What is Twilight:

Twilight is the name given to the phenomenon of intense light that occurs at sunrise, just before sunrise, as well as at sunset, together after the sun goes down.

The term is of Latin origin and derives from twilight, which refers precisely to that brief luminous moment in which the day turns into night and the night into day.

The light phenomenon of twilight originates from the fact that sunlight diffuses through air molecules in all directions, illuminating the upper layers of the atmosphere.

It is known specifically as morning twilight, aurora or dawn to that which happens before sunrise, that is, when the day awakens. For its part, the evening twilight, sunset or sunset, is the one that happens after sunset.

The word twilight It can be used figuratively to refer to the state of a thing or person in a phase of ruin, fading or decay, that is, to refer to a final stage or the end of something. For example, "He wrote his best work in the twilight (sunset) of his life."

Depending on the context, the term twilight has as synonyms sunset, dusk, dawn or dawn. The word twilight translated into English is twilight.

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