Meaning of Raven crows and they will take out your eyes

What is Cría ravens and your eyes will be gouged out:

“Raise crows and they will take your eyes out” is a Spanish saying that refers to people's ingratitude.

The saying "raise crows and they will put out your eyes" refers to the scavenger characteristic of the crow, that is, that it feeds on dead animals. The raven is personified to refer to people who do not return favors, in addition to doing harm to those who helped them.

Gratitude is a value and a virtue that is demonstrated with love, respect and affection towards those who favored and helped it.

See also Gratitude.

"Raise crows and they will take out your eyes" is also advice to practice good, also focusing on the nature of people so as not to suffer with their ingratitude. There are also several fables that teach to act taking into account the nature of the other person so as not to suffer injustices, such as, for example, the fable of the fox and the bird where the bird innocently helps the fox without realizing that it was a trap for the fox could eat the bird.

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