Meaning of environmental crisis

What is Environmental Crisis:

An environmental or ecological crisis occurs when the environmental environment where a species or population lives undergoes changes that threaten its continuity.

The changes upset the ecological balance, since an ecosystem functions as a whole interconnected by multiple interdependence relationships, and the variation of some of its elements produces imbalances that affect in different degrees, and directly or indirectly, the way of life of the organisms (biotic factor) that coexist there, as well as the natural processes of non-living physical elements (abiotic factor), such as water, temperature, soils, air, sunlight, etc.

Among the abiotic factors, phenomena determined by climate change, such as the variation in temperatures, the amount of precipitation or atmospheric humidity, as well as other fortuitous events, such as a volcanic eruption or the fall of a meteorite, can severely affect environmental conditions.

On the other hand, biotic factors that compromise the ecological balance of a habitat are the migration, disappearance or extinction of a species; the appearance or invasion of an exotic species in an ecosystem that is strange to it, as well as the overpopulation or intense predation of a certain species.

On the other hand, the so-called anthropic factor, that is, the intervention of human beings modifying the natural environment, destroying soils, diverting the course of rivers, destroying virgin forests, depleting or degrading natural resources, consuming energy indiscriminately, introducing strange species in habitats, etc., it produces a strong environmental impact whose consequences are conducive to ecological crises.

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Environmental crises are characterized by an accelerated loss of biodiversity as a consequence of the massive extinction of species, a generalized destruction of habitats, and a negative impact on the conditions for the regeneration of natural resources. That is why, to avoid environmental crises, the governments of the world must stimulate sustainable development policies.

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