Meaning of CRM

What is CRM:

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which translates into Spanish as Customer Relationship Management. It indicates both a strategy, a process or a system in the field of marketing as well as the softwares created for that purpose.

In general, the CRM system is characterized by putting the relationship with the customer first. It is a strategy of marketing effective because it maintains its loyalty through high satisfaction.

Companies that have CRM systems implemented benefit from:

  • The unification of databases for a more efficient and orderly registry
  • A more detailed analysis to make decisions at a strategic level
  • A more adequate customer segmentation
  • The control that the company can have over the life cycle of its customer

CRM system

CRM systems are aimed at the strategic management of customers. In this sense, the system must maintain a database with key information to be able to follow up on each client.

In this way, customer trust is maintained by having their needs identified and, on the other hand, the information can be used to implement new strategies for customer loyalty.

software CRM

The softwares CRM are computer platforms that help in the management of customer relationships for strategic marketing objectives. There are many types of CRM and the most suitable will depend on the needs of the company.

Anyway, the types of softwares Most used CRM are:

  • Operational CRM: it is more oriented to the commercial field or sales force (sales force) and its great advantage is the unification and structuring of the databases.
  • Analytical CRM: uses the technique of data mining, whose focus is the analysis of the data for the creation of new strategies that the software may suggest.
  • Collaborative CRM: the client directly contributes the data to be processed.
  • Real estate CRM: create cross references between available properties and potential clients.

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