Crush meaning

What is Crush:

Crush It is an English word that can function as a verb, and that we can translate into Spanish as crush, crush, squeeze, step on or crush. Hence, some drinks made with squeezed fruit and crushed ice receive this name, such as orange crush (orangeade) and lemon crush (lemonade).

In fact, the name of the game Candy Crush, a popular application for Facebook and Smartphones, refers precisely to the fact that the sweets, when aligned, are crushed.

Similarly, crush it can be used in the sense of agglomeration, crowd, crowd or tumult.

Crush in love

Crush it can also be used as a noun to mean "sudden infatuation". Because this sense of the word is figurative and, in addition, it is typical of popular language, crush it may be equivalent to the colloquial term "crush", a popular word to refer to sudden infatuation in allusion to the arts of the Greek god Cupid.

Therefore, it is called crush to the sudden falling in love, that deeply passionate, that reveals, that excites and that excites, regardless of whether it is achievable or not, as if it were a spell.

In this sense, Crush It is also the title of an American film from 2013 that is precisely about the infatuation between two young people.

Crush It is similar to platonic love or idealized love, one that feels for someone who seems unattainable. Hence it is also designated as crush to certain crushes on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, which are sometimes practically unfeasible.

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