Meaning of Synoptic Table

What is a Synoptic Table:

A synoptic table is a graphic representation of ideas for a better understanding of topics and memorization of concepts.

A synoptic table visually expresses, in a logical and hierarchical structure, the information with its subcategories and the relationships between them.

It is a study technique or learning tool that helps to better visualize and order the subject.

How to make a synoptic chart

The first thing to do when creating a synoptic table is to have a general understanding of the main topic. This will allow you to have the information you need to identify the various main ideas that can be broken down.

When you have the information and have underlined or noted the main ideas, a key is opened to place the main ideas identified. For each main idea, another key will be opened where the subtopics related to each idea will be placed.

Then, for each subtopic or complementary idea, another key will be opened to include the details or supporting information that will make the main concept clearer.

Synoptic table and other study tools

There are other types of study tools that also have the objective of improving the understanding of content that are differentiated by the way in which ideas are grouped and by the emphasis given to certain concepts, information or processes.

In this sense, they can be mentioned, for example:

  • the mind map: it is characterized by its free association radially around a main theme.
  • the conceptual map: it obeys a hierarchy by levels of inclusion of the concepts, from those that cover more to the more specific concepts.
  • infographics: visually appealing, mix graphics, images and illustrations along with explanatory texts.
  • The diagram: presents various forms emphasizing the flow of processes along with hierarchies and functions. The most popular type of diagram is the flow chart.

See also Scheme.

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