Meaning of giving and giving, little bird flying

What is Giving and giving, little bird flying:

"Giving and giving, flying bird" is a popular saying that is used to refer symbolically to those operations of exchanges, transactions, negotiations and sale in which the parties honor the commitments acquired simultaneously. In this way, giving and receiving at the same time is a guarantee of conformity between the parties.

The popular saying emphasizes the importance of the negotiating parties immediately resolving the terms of the trade. It involves, among other things, deferring any intention of credit or postponement of delivery, so that there is no room for misunderstandings or future disagreements.

Thus, whoever invokes the expression "giving and giving, little bird flying", requests the immediate settlement of the negotiation, which is nothing other than the end of the operation.

There are some similar sayings and sayings that express this same concern or, at least, similar values. Among them we can mention "clear accounts keep friends". With a less exact sense, but similar, we can remember the saying "a bird in hand is better than a hundred flying".

Although it is usually used especially in the economic sphere, "giving and giving, little bird flying" can also be invoked in a figurative sense between two people so that both commit to honor at the same time any agreement they have entered into. Young people often use it in this sense, for example, to borrow things from each other.

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