Meaning of From said to fact there is a long way

What is it? From said to fact there is a long way:

From said to fact there is a long way, it is a popular saying that refers to the paradox that what is promised does not correspond to the actions or path that the individual must follow or fulfill to achieve his objective or what is offered.

As such, it is a proverb of Spanish origin but very popular and used in America as well.

This saying reflects that sometimes the words or promises of the individual are not reflected in their actions, and that is why man should not trust promises that cannot be fulfilled. For example: in political campaigns, that politicians take the opportunity to give their best speech by promising and offering hundreds of benefits to the people to capture the attention of citizens and ensure their vote, but that over time the proposals offered are different from the one offered. reality of the facts.

In this sense, this saying reflects the discordance between words and deeds, and that is why it is used as a warning to distrust the words of the other, since it is easy to speak and promise but the difficult thing is to comply, and from there it is Observe the sincerity and commitment of the individual to carry out or conclude what is proposed.

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Regarding this saying, and it is no less true that from the moment of promising an action, setbacks or difficulties may arise that prevent the individual from fulfilling their promises, assuming that it must be considered when using this saying in any situation, for so sometimes it is advisable not to say anything until the objective is achieved.

However, this popular saying has its own variants such as: “from said to fact, there is a long way”, “from said to fact, it goes a long way”.

In English, the expressions "it" s easier said than done " or "actions speak louder than words", are used in the same sense.

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