Meaning of Deliberation

What is Deliberation:

Deliberation is understood as the action of considering and reflecting on the advantages or disadvantages involved in making a certain decision, either individually or in groups.

The word deliberation derives from Latin I will deliberate which refers to the action of deliberating. Among the synonyms that can be used to refer to the term deliberation are the following: reflection, consideration, analysis, debate, discussion, decision, determination, failure, among others.

For example, "The deliberation of the Superior Council determined to suspend the classes"; "I am going to carry out a deliberation with my parents on this matter because I want to make the best decision"; "The jury's deliberation declared him not guilty."

Deliberation is an act in which people think carefully about the benefits or disadvantages of making or not making a decision, what are the reasons and why a certain position is taken.

Likewise, through deliberations, people can resolve various matters of general interest that affect a particular group or community, such as taking security measures, taking care of the common areas of a residential area, among others.

Therefore, deliberation is part of life in countless personal, professional, academic, political, and social circumstances. That is, deliberation encompasses all those spaces of human development in which a series of norms must be respected.

In this sense, it is important that the person or persons who are going to deliberate on a particular matter have essential information that allows them to carry out an accurate analysis and reflection, in order to determine the best option in a responsible manner.

Through deliberation, it is possible to analyze and establish the advantages and disadvantages of a situation, determine alternatives, establish who benefits or harms, that is, deliberation leads to clarifying how to succeed and avoid failure or chaos in a certain way. circumstance.

In this way, the taking of hasty measures, errors and a sequence of negative effects that can affect more than one individual are avoided.

However, after a collective or group deliberation, one more conclusion may emerge and, consequently, people may consider making one or the other option and taking different actions.

See also Reflection.

Deliberation in Law

In the field of Law or in political contexts, deliberation is an action of the utmost importance since it allows decision-making on matters that concern society in general.

For this reason, in trials before passing a verdict of guilt or not, especially if it is a crime, there is a deliberation in which the jury discusses and exchanges opinions in order to determine a ruling.

For example, "After deliberation by the jury, the judge sentenced the guilty to ten years in prison."

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