Meaning of Sport

What is sport:

Sport is the practice of regulated and competitive physical exercise. Sport can be recreational, professional, or as a way to improve health.

Sport, as it encompasses various areas of our society, carries a symbolic complexity in its social and cultural dimension, since sport is currently a practice, a show and a lifestyle.

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One of the sports best known as spectacle is soccer and baseball. They are characterized by being a competition between two teams, or more than two if it is a tournament, with athletes who abide by the rules of the game creating a show for their audience.

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Due to the irregularities that spectacle sport has generated with the sole objective of achieving victory, today the concept of fair play or 'fair play' is emphasized as an ideal sporting behavior.

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Sport is synonymous with games, gymnastics, physical exercise, recreation and leisure.

Sport comes from Latin I will deport which meant to move or transport outside the city walls. The term begins to move conceptually to recreation (since it was practiced outside the walls and in the open air) used for the first time in the Song of Mine Cid with the verb deportarse as a synonym for 'fun' and not for 'transfer'.

Deportare then derived to the other romantic languages ​​such as sports in Provençal language, sports in Catalan, sports in French, dislike in Italian, desport in Portuguese and sport in Spanish meaning physical exercise and all kinds of games and entertainment that involve corporality.

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