Meaning of Law

What is the right:

Law is, in general terms, the legal system that regulates the relationships established in a certain nation or between States.

Law derives from Latin directus which means "straight" or "placed in a straight line" in what derives in general terms to justice.

In classical Latin, ius It was the term used to designate objective law, the set of rules that evolved for what is known as Law. The term ius (jus) originated the creation of words such as fair, justice, among others.

The meaning of law refers in a general way to the set of legal norms in force in a country, also called objective law.

The word right can also have the sense of right, correct or just.

The expression "" have the right "means that something belongs to someone for equal justice such as Human Rights, children's rights and civil rights.

Classification of Law

The Law encompasses a series of norms and laws formally determined by the jurisprudence of each nation or State divided into: objective and subjective law, positive or natural law, civil and criminal law and the branches of law that cover the rights of specific areas such as, for example, political law, food law, military law, Human Rights, among others.

Objective right

The set of rules in force in a country is also known as objective right. The objective law encompasses both the legislation of each country and the set of legal norms of a particular branch of law, for example, administrative law, commercial law, tax law, international law, labor law, among others.

Subjective right

The legal power to practice or not a certain act is called subjective right. In this case, the right refers to the power that belongs to an individual or group. For example, the right to receive what was paid for, the right to health, the right to nationality, the right to demonstrate freely and peacefully, the right to sue, and the right of the consumer.

Positive law

Law as a set of rules is also divided into positive or natural. Positive law is the norms created and enforced by the State; natural law are the rules that are derived from nature, that is, they are the natural laws that guide human behavior, fundamental rights.

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