Meaning of Public Law

What is Public Law:

Public Law is a subdivision of Law carried out by the ancient civilization of the Roman Empire, to refer to that right that governed the rules of the State and the relationship between it and citizens. Therefore, the concept of Public Law is associated with all those norms and laws intended to regulate the relations and links between natural and legal persons with the State, protecting the individuals of the State so that it does not act arbitrarily thanks to the Principle of Legality. , since the State, its organs, its entities and all public officials must act in accordance with what is established in the laws and regulations of a country or territory, in the same way, Public Law seeks to organize Public Administration among themselves , in order to establish the mechanisms of operation, work and communication between different organisms of the Public Administration.

Public right and private right

It should be noted that Public Law is contrary to Private Law, since in the latter the equality of the parties prevails, since Private Law only seeks to regulate the relationships between individuals, therefore, both parties are at the same level and both can exercise their wills, contrary to Public Law in which the equality of the parties does not prevail, since it is only enough to have the Public Administration or State in one of the parties, which by law always has privileges and prerogatives for above the individual interests of people, but without violating the Principle of Legality and acting in accordance with what the legal system establishes.

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Internal Public Law

Internal Public Law is the set of internal norms and laws of a country or territory, since each State may have its own internal norms in accordance with what society establishes as its norms and principles of coexistence, that is why each Country or The State may have its own internal rules that do not bind any other State, because that other State may have its own internal rules completely different from the first, within these rules or Internal Rights or Public Law we have: Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law and Procedural Law, on the contrary, when we speak of standards, principles or Private Rights, we are in the presence of Civil Law and Commercial Law.

Subjective Public Law

Subjective Public Law are all those norms, principles and mechanisms that the State has to protect the rights and assets of individuals, that is, it is the concretization of the protection of individual interests by the State, with which it only seeks the Protection of the Rule of Law and the prevalence of the Principle of Legality by the State, since it always encounters the Power that characterizes it, which is not enjoyed by an ordinary individual, in this way individuals are protected from possible acts of the State. State that are arbitrary and that injure or affect said interests, thus maintaining the balance of relations between the entities and organism of the Public Administration and the citizens of a State.

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