Meaning of Eviction

What is Eviction:

Eviction is the notification of the termination of a contract, whether it is labor or lease.

Eviction is made up of the prefix des- (derivation of the prefix dis-), which means "to invest an action", and of the evolution of the verb in Latin fiduciary, which means "to give guarantee or confidence". Thus, eviction is the withdrawal of a security that is usually represented by a verbal or written contract.

Eviction is synonymous with hopelessness, dismissal, homelessness and eviction. It translates into English as eviction Y ouster (job eviction).

In law, the eviction of a property is the claim of the owner to demand the termination of the lease, which entails the expulsion of the tenant from the property.

The labor eviction, on the other hand, is the notification of the termination of the employment contract by the employer to the employee.

The eviction law regulates the rights and obligations of the parties who sign a contract. The law determines the feasibility of terminating a lease to recover a property by:

  • unpaid rent by the tenant or
  • due to the legal or contractual expiration of the term.

Eviction trials are closely related to the crime of dispossession, which is the accusation of illegal occupation through violence or deception of a property without real rights.

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