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Friendship is an emotional relationship or bond that occurs between two or more people. Friendship relationships are formed throughout life and are modified over time, that is, they can be strengthened or even ended.

Friendships are born when two or more people share opinions, feelings, concerns, hobbies, projects, among others, without envy or jealousy involved, hence friendship between people can arise anywhere and under any circumstance.

Friendship is a social value

Friendship is one of the most appreciated values, especially because human beings are social and we need to share affections and feelings. Through friendship, empathy, trust, loyalty and ethics are generated over the years and through shared experiences.

Friendship is loyalty between humans and pets

They say that man's best friend is the dog. On many occasions, human beings find in their pets that friendship and loyalty that they do not get in other people and they become inseparable friends taking care of each other at all times.

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Friendship is empathy

Friendship can be born anywhere and under any circumstance. That is, there is no series of steps that must be followed for friendship to emerge between two or more people. Friendships are given by empathy and by sharing opinions on certain topics or tastes for certain activities.

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Friendship between animals

Just as human beings make friends with others, so do animals, even of different species, which can form friendships of trust and support.

Friendship is support and solidarity

One of the characteristics that stands out the most in friendship is that friends accompany each other and are supportive in good times and bad, they give each other support, help or help regardless of the day or time.

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Friendship is trust

Friendship implies trust between both parties, helping and allowing oneself to be helped, hence the importance of knowing how to listen to the advice or opinions of those loved ones who are characterized by always being attentive to what happens to us.

Friendships that last a lifetime

In the company of friends, unique experiences are lived that can be remembered over the years with affection, laughter and nostalgia. Friendships can occur even from an early age and last over time, as long as the people are constant and there is trust and sincerity between friends.

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