Meaning of Disdain

What is Disdain:

Disdain is the act of belittling or despising something or someone. The term disdain is of Latin origin "Dedignare", formed by the prefix "of”Which is used to refer to "put off" and the word "Dignus"Which expresses"worthy" or "worthy"Therefore, it is to remove dignity and appreciation.

The verb disdain manifests a disdainful attitude towards a person, that is, a behavior that expresses indifference, contempt or distancing with respect to an individual. This type of behavior can be presented by the different attitudes, character or interest that two people present, for example: “he presents an attitude of disdain for my lack of attitude in sport”.

On the other hand, the term disdain is the lack of consideration and respect for a person or thing. Also, disdain alludes to the lack of care that the individual presents to himself, such as: "he arranged for tonight's departure with disdain."

Today, in social networks, individuals can express disdain or indifference towards other people, quickly and easily, through the emoticon "u.u", which can express among many things: "I'm not for you."

It should be noted that the person who receives the treatment of disdain or contempt, is labeled as the humiliated or unworthy individual, who throughout his life can suffer strong psychological problems, such as falling into a strong depression as a result of the rejection he feels for people from their social environment.

The synonyms for disdain are: contempt, contempt, repudiation, and so on. Instead, the antonyms are: appreciation, respect, compliment.

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