Meaning of Desertification

What is Desertification:

The term desertification is used to refer to the natural process by which a group of organisms or biocenosis loses its moisture from the wear of certain elements necessary for the generation and maintenance of the life of different living beings.

Desertification should not be confused with the term desertification, which consists of the constant wear and useful life of the land as a result of the various human activities that generate pollution and significant climatic variations.

Desertification is a process that evolves slowly, which is why people generally do not perceive it, since it may take many years for its effect to be really noticeable and noticeable.

Desertification is a direct consequence of climatic changes and the scarcity of various natural elements, especially the lack of water and humidity, as well as the wind.

Long periods of drought are also part of the effects that accelerate desertification thanks to little or no amounts of rain and soil erosion due to the scarcity of plants and animals.

Consequently, this situation favors the expansion of desert areas, as well as the extinction of various species or, on the contrary, accelerates evolutionary and adaptation processes in others.

Climate change, high levels of environmental pollution and the lack of human awareness about this serious problem are factors that accelerate the desertification process.

This phenomenon is not typical of an area or region since it occurs in the various extensions of the planet and affects all living beings and their development.

On the other hand, it is also considered as desertification the glaciations that have existed on Earth before the appearance of the human being, which have been analyzed by scientists and reveal the impossibility of having a fertile land space for living beings under these conditions. climatic.

Causes of desertification

There are various natural causes by which the desertification process is generated or accelerated in various areas or regions of the world. However, the main cause of all is the lack of water, a natural and vital element for the development of any living being.

Long periods of drought are also part of the causes that accelerate desertification, especially in arid areas that are becoming increasingly dry, where deserts gain ground and land erosion processes accelerate.

Also part of the causes of desertification are the various activities of the planet such as geological and biological phenomena, as well as the different types of soil and land formations that are part of the geomorphological processes that the Earth constantly experiences.

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