Meaning of Displacement

What is Displacement:

It is called displacement to the change of position that a body experiences, from an initial point A, to an end point B, through movement.

However, this term has other meanings that vary depending on the context in which it is used, such as, for example, to refer to the displacement of people, among others.

Displacement in physics

Displacement is understood as the length and direction that a body travels to move from an initial point to an end point.

This displacement is represented by a vector or straight line that indicates the distance of the displacement and its length.

This vector indicates the point of origin, the direction and the end point of the displacement. Hence, it represents the shortest path that exists between the change in position that a body experiences.

Length, for its part, refers to the distance that exists between the initial position and the final position traveled by a body that has moved.All individuals and objects can move or be displaced and change position.

In this case, it is not necessary to measure what has been the trajectory or the displacement speed of a body, that is, the path traveled to change position, these data are calculated through different procedures.

For example, a teacher moves around the room and changes her position by walking from her desk (starting point or origin) to the blackboard (ending point). This offset can be two meters long.

However, the teacher made this journey three times equally, however, the length of her displacement was the same (two meters), beyond the distance traveled which was greater. In this case, what you want to highlight is that there was a change in position through the movement.

Two types of displacement can be distinguished. Positive displacement, in which a change in position is evidenced, and negative displacement, in which the body moves and returns to its starting point.

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Internal displacement

Internal displacement is understood as the movement carried out by large groups of people who are forced to move or flee from their place of origin or current residence to other areas.

These displacements occur for reasons beyond their control, such as social, political, economic, natural disasters, and even humanitarian ones.

Internally displaced persons mobilize unexpectedly and, generally, are forced to leave their possessions. They should not be confused with people who emigrate under a previous plan, or with people who are in refugee status.

Other uses of scrolling

The word displacement can be used in the area of ​​maritime navigation to refer to the weight and volume of water that moves when a cargo ship moves through sea lanes.

In chemistry, we speak of electrical displacement as a phenomenon in which an added element can displace a compound element through a chemical reaction.

In psychology, the term displacement is used to refer to a type of defense mechanism that allows to divert certain feelings towards a substitute object that is not real.

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