Meaning of Independence Day of Mexico

What is Mexican Independence Day:

The Independence Day of Mexico is celebrated on September 16 and its party is inaugurated with the three ¡viva México! from the famous speech of the Grito de Dolores delivered by the President of the Republic of Mexico.

Mexico's Independence Day commemorates September 16, 1810, the day that began the war to achieve Mexico's independence from Spanish rule. The independence of Mexico was only achieved only after 11 years of war, on September 27, 1821.

The clandestine and pro-independence meetings were organized by the Creoles and known as "The conspiracy of Querétaro."

The leaders of "The conspiracy of Querétaro" were in permanent contact with the priest Hidalgo y Costilla. It is he who delivers the famous Grito de Dolores speech that motivates the population to rebel against the Spanish.

The Mexican Independence Day party is the most important celebration in that country, and in the Spanish-speaking world. It is celebrated throughout the Mexican territory, waving the flags of Mexico and enjoying civic events that recreate historical events.

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