Meaning of Children's Day

What is Children's Day:

Children's Day is an international commemoration to reaffirm the Universal Rights of children "considering that humanity owes the child the best it can give him."

Children's Day begins with the Declaration of Geneva in 1924, when the Rights of the Child was enunciated to guarantee children their rights due to their lack of physical and mental maturity to protect themselves. This statement was recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) proposed in 1954 the Declaration of the Rights of Children, being approved on November 20, 1959 in accordance with the following 10 principles:

  • Principle 1: All children should enjoy all the rights set forth.
  • Principle 2: In conditions of freedom and dignity, every child has opportunities, protection, services and laws so that they can develop fully.
  • Principle 3: The child has from birth the right to a name and a nationality.
  • Principle 4: The child must enjoy the benefits of social security.
  • Principle 5: The child who suffers from some type of social impairment (physical or mental) should receive help for his particular case.
  • Principle 6: The child needs love and understanding for the development of a full and harmonious personality. Society and public authorities have an obligation to take special care of children without families.
  • Principle 7: The child has the right to receive an education and to be able to fully enjoy games and recreation.
  • Principle 8: The child should be among the first to receive protection and relief.
  • Principle 9: The child must be protected against neglect, cruelty or exploitation. Children cannot work before a minimum age.
  • Principle 10: The child must be protected against practices that promote discrimination of any kind. He must be brought up in peace, universal brotherhood, respect and tolerance.

Children's Day aims to reaffirm the fundamental rights of man, guaranteeing rights and freedoms to create a happy childhood for a full and integral development as a human being.

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Children's Day in Mexico

The United Nations recommends celebrating Children's Day on November 20, but it coincides with the day of the Mexican Revolution. Mexico began to celebrate Children's Day since 1925 and has currently chosen April 30 to celebrate Children's Day, being aware of the principles based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Next, the date that Children's Day is celebrated in Hispanic-American countries:

  • Argentina: second Sunday in August
  • Bolivia: April 12
  • Chile: second Sunday in August
  • Colombia: last Saturday in April
  • Costa Rica: September 9
  • Cuba: third Sunday in July
  • Mexico: April 30
  • Ecuador: June 1
  • El Salvador: October 1
  • Guatemala: October 1
  • Honduras: September 10
  • Panama: third Sunday in July
  • Paraguay: August 16
  • Peru: third Sunday in August
  • Venezuela: third Sunday in July
  • Uruguay: first Sunday in August
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