Meaning of Diameter

What is Diameter:

The diameter (Ø) is the line that crosses the center of a circle joining two points on its perimeter and defines the width of a circle.

The word diameter has Greek roots and is composed of the prefix day- which means through and the word metron which refers to the measure.

In geometry, the diameter of a circle is calculated using the following formula:

Ø = 2 • r

This means that the diameter of a circle is equal to twice its radius. The radius of a circle is the line that joins the center with a point on its perimeter.

The calculation of the diameter of a circle is important, since it allows us to calculate:

  • The perimeter of a circle: also known as the circumference, that is, the curved line that delimits the circle. The formula to calculate the perimeter of a circle is P = Ø • π where π (pi) is equal to 3.14.
  • The radius of a circle: it is half its diameter, that is, r = 2Ø.

The circle is one of the most common shapes in our Universe. The planets and the sun are circles or spheres.

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