Meaning of the Goddess Isis

What is the Goddess Isis:

The goddess Isis is an Egyptian goddess, sister and wife of Osiris. Represents the mother, queen and goddess of all gods.

Isis is the Greek name for the Egyptian goddess Ast, throne in Spanish, and is represented as a woman with a throne on her head. Isis is mentioned for the first time in writings dating back to 2,300 BC in the 5th dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

Isis is also worshiped as the great magician, the queen of the afterlife, and the star goddess. Collect all the attributes of the other goddesses of Egypt. It was believed that the star Sirius o Sotis, the brightest star in the constellation Orion, was the home in the sky of the goddess Isis.

The first Christians went to assimilate the cult of Isis to the Virgin Mary, giving her the maternal and protective facet, as well as the famous iconography of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms.

She was the only deity in Egypt to be worshiped even in the Roman Empire before her worship was banned in 535 AD.

Isis and her attributes

The goddess Isis contains all the attributes of the other goddesses of Egypt. She is one of the nine goddesses that make up the Aenead, that is, the nine divinities worshiped and associated with the creation myths in Heliopolis (capital of the XIII nome of Lower Egypt).

The goddess Isis is referred to as "the great magician" for the feat of resuscitating her brother and husband Osiris, murdered by his brother Seth, and then procreating with him and giving birth to Horus.

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Isis is called "the great magician" because it is also said that she created the first cobra with her magic. From this first cobra, Isis extracts the poison that will force Ra, the god of the gods, to reveal his true name and thus give Isis power over Ra. Ra accepting his "defeat" prepares a secret cult to give Isis the power to cure the diseases of the gods.

She is also considered "the goddess of the afterlife" for being the wife of Osiris and for resuscitating him after his death and being born as the god of resurrection symbolizing fertility and the floods of the Nile River.

She is also known as "the divine mother" for her protective and maternal quality shown with her son Horus and with all other beings.

Isis also personifies the Moon, since the Moon was considered one of the eyes of her husband Osiris and because it prevented the floods in the Nile.

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Isis representations

Isis, in her earliest representations, figures with a throne-shaped crown as the meaning of her original Egyptian name Ast.

Isis is sometimes represented with a solar disk because of her relationship as Ra's daughter and because of her power over him as she is the only one who knows her name.

The horns given to Isis represent the cow and is a fusion with Hathor, the wife of Horus. The cow symbolizes fertility.

Later, Isis would be represented with wings, a symbol of divinity.

The goddess Isis has also become a very popular tattoo, since, in addition to paying tribute to women in all their splendor, it also symbolizes strength and projects the power of a goddess serving both as a talisman to give strength and as a talisman. of protection.

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