Meaning of Hard Drive

What is Hard Drive:

Hard disk is a data storage device. Hard drive comes from english hard disk and it is one of the components of the memory system that computers have to store information.

A hard disk is characterized because it does not need electrical current to store data and that is why it is the device in charge of storing long-term data and starting the computer. When the hard drive is inside the computer it is called an internal hard drive.

There are four types of hard drives:

  • SSD: Solid State Drive or solid state drive have a composition similar to that of flash memories and USB memories.
  • SATA III: They are the so-called rigid hard disks located inside the computer made up of several disks that store the information in a magnetic way. To read the information contained, the discs must rotate at high speed while a 'read head' reads the information.
  • SCSI: They are for more professional use and are generally several in a rack.
  • SAS: It is a more modern version of the SCSI hard disk.

The external hard drive follows the same logic as the one inside the computer (SATAIII) but is not part of it, having a casing for protection and transport and is generally connected through a USB connection (Universal Serial Bus).

SSD hard drives are the most advanced technology in portable hard drives and have the following characteristics:

  • They are silent
  • They are faster
  • Consume less
  • They are more resistant

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