Meaning of Discussion

What is Discussion:

A discussion is a dispute or debate that is established between two or more people on a topic to exchange opinions and points of view. The word, as such, comes from Latin discussed, discussi┼Źnis.

In this sense, discussions arise when there are opposing points of view on an issue. Hence, in them, each of the participants has to support arguments or reasoning contrary to those of the other. In general, they can occur between two people or two groups of people, and can be directed or can occur spontaneously.

The advantage of the discussions is that they exchange points of view, ideas and opinions that enrich the debate and provide ideas and new lights on the subject in question. They can be cordial or heated.

See also Debate and Panel discussion.

The truth is that the discussion of ideas is one of the fundamental pillars of our thinking, as it enriches it and puts it to the test. In this sense, discussions are essential in all human disciplines of knowledge: science, philosophy, law, politics, etc.

An argument can also be a dispute, an altercation, or a conflict over disagreements or discrepancies. For example: "The discussion between Luis and Rita is not going to get them anywhere."

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