Meaning of Teacher

What is Teacher:

The person who teaches is called a teacher, that is, who fulfills the task of teaching. It also refers to what is related to teaching.

The word comes from Latin, and is the present participle of "docēre", which means "to teach." This term in turn comes from "decet", which means "convenient or appropriate." In fact, “docēre” also derives the word doctrine and its derived terms. Thus, a teacher is the one who properly trains someone.

In its general sense, the term applies to any person who carries out educational work as a profession, whether in primary, secondary or university instruction, but it refers properly to their ability to communicate knowledge rather than to the management of a specific discipline .

Therefore, the teacher or educator is especially characterized by reflecting and theorizing about teaching methods, which he applies in different areas of knowledge. Thus, the word can distinguish both general educators and specialized teachers.

In other words, a teacher is a person who "knows" how to teach or who has been trained "to" teach. Example: "The way John teaches reveals that he has become a teacher."

Teacher can also refer to what is related to teaching. For example: "It is necessary to defend the importance of teaching work" or "The teaching vocation must prevail over economic interest."

The word teacher referring to the person who teaches, is usually related to the terms teacher and teacher and, often, they are used interchangeably. However, the terms are not originally equivalent.

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