Meaning of Drug addiction

What is drug addiction:

Drug addiction is called drug addiction. As such, drug addiction involves the recurrent, abusive and self-destructive use of substances with a stimulating, depressing, narcotic or hallucinogenic effect, with serious consequences for the individual's physical and mental health. The word comes from the English expression drug addiction, adapted to Spanish.

Drug addiction, also called drug dependence or drug dependence, is a disease characterized by a strong relationship of dependence on addictive substances that can affect the central nervous system and brain functions, which leads to alterations in the behavior of the individual and their emotions, as well as in your perception and judgment. These substances can be both illegal (prohibited, according to the country's legislation), and legal, when they have medicinal application (whether they are prescription or over-the-counter).

The effects of drugs vary according to their chemical composition, as well as the amounts and the frequency with which they are consumed. In general, they can produce hallucinations, sharpen or blur the senses, as well as provoke feelings of euphoria and joy or irritation and despair.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to consider that a person has become dependent on drugs, three or more of the criteria presented below must be presented in a period of approximately one year: strong desire to consume the substance and difficulties to control its consumption, appearance of withdrawal syndrome when stopping or reducing consumption, development of tolerance to the substance, abandonment of interests outside the consumption of the substance and progressive increase of time investment in activities related to obtaining the substance and with the recovery of its effects, as well as a persistence in the use of the substance despite noticing its harmful effects.

Causes of drug addiction

In principle, the fundamental cause of drug addiction is a raided access to the addictive substance, which can progressively lead to the entry into a self-destructive and dependency cycle. However, at the root of drug addiction there are in turn multiple reasons, associated with the individual's life history, the strength of their interpersonal relationships (family, especially), as well as their education and the psychological tools that they have at their disposal. Willingness to face certain situations (frustrations, difficulties) without resorting to escape routes from reality, such as drugs. Young people and adolescents, with behavior problems and low self-esteem, coming from problem homes, are the most likely to fall into a situation of drug addiction.

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