Meaning of Doubt

What is Duda:

Doubt is the hesitation or indecision that one has between two or more judgments or decisions; or the uncertainty that is experienced before certain facts and news. The word, as such, derives from the verb doubt, which in turn comes from the Latin dubitāre, which means 'vacillating between two things'.

Doubt, in this sense, supposes the lack of certainties in thought or actions. Thus, doubt can affect a person's decisions, confidence, and judgment. Doubt can even provoke a wavering of mind around faith and religious beliefs.

Doubt, likewise, can be used as a tool to access or increase knowledge, be it scientific or philosophical. As such, doubt is an instrument of inquiry and questioning that starts from the acceptance of an initial state of ignorance for the methodical approach of what we question ourselves about. In this sense, doubt is essential to determine the validity of knowledge.

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