Meaning of Easy

What is Easy:

Easy is an English term, whose translation in Spanish is "easy". The word easy, can be used in different contexts as an adjective, adverb, or noun.

The expression easy can be used under the following meanings:

  • Free from pain, discomfort or worry. For instance: "I have led an easy life - he had an easy life "
  • Situation that encourages relief, or comfort. For instance: "An easy relationship - an easy relationship "
  • Someone who conveys a calm position. For instance: "An easy devicen - a calm disposition "
  • Situation, person, or anything that presents bearable, tolerable, acceptable characteristics. For instance: "An easy grade - an easy course "

Likewise, it is noteworthy that there are other expressions in which the word easy can be seen in them. For instance:

  • Take it easy! - take it easy!
  • So easy! - so easy!
  • Too easy! - too easy!
  • Easygoing - good treatment, or easy to deal with.

On the other hand, it is used in a proverb "Easy come, easy go", in Spanish means "easy comes, easy goes", as it indicates, it reveals that everything that the individual obtains easily, without effort, can be easily destroyed or disappeared, hence the importance of having things based on efforts to be appreciated.

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