Meaning of Ebook

What is Ebook:

A ebook or e-book It is an Anglicism that, translated into Spanish, means electronic book, digital book or cyber book. As such, the word is a neologism from English, composed of “and”, Initial of electronic, Y book, which translates 'book'. Hence, ebook is the name with which they have been calling books that are in digital format, that is, the electronic version of the paper book.

The seed of the concept of books that could be read on a screen, outside of their paper format, dates back to 1971, when Michael Hart devised the Gutenberg project, which consisted of the creation of a digital library with titles of universal literature from Free access.

Today, the ebook it is already a publishing reality, but it requires special programs for reading it. In this sense, to visualize a ebook On the screen of a computing device, it is necessary to install an application that allows reading the format in which the book is found. Some of the most used digital formats among users are HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, etc. A ebookIn this sense, it can be read with a personal computer, a tablet, a smartphone or a ebook reader or e-reader, which is a device specially designed for this purpose.

Ebook readjust

The ebook reader or e-reader is the name given to the device specially designed for reading ebooks, and can be translated into Spanish as an e-book reader.

The ebook readerAs such, it is a portable device, with the dimensions of a notebook, which allows reading and storing books in digital archives, taking notes and underlining, as well as connecting to the internet (in the most up-to-date models) and purchasing books on-line. Its design concept, due to its size, weight and screen, gives the reader a feeling similar to reading a paper book. Plus, e-ink technology prevents eye strain and minimizes battery usage. Some even have a lighting system included. Some of the brands e-readers that have become more popular are Amazon's Kindle, Sony Reader, Tagus, Kobo, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages associated with ebook they are its lower ecological impact, due to the fact that it dispenses with paper for the manufacture of books; its production processes are simpler and faster, since it does not require going through a printing press; its stock it is, basically, unlimited, since one copy is enough to reproduce itself infinitely without additional costs; and its distribution, due to the internet, has practically no barriers. Plus, it's simple to store - it doesn't require a bookcase or bookshelf.

On the other hand, its detractors maintain that the advantages of the digital book are relative: although it does not consume wood, which is a renewable and recyclable resource, the products used in the manufacture of e-readers They are not, and with time these will become electronic scrap; In addition, they claim that the ebook it is easily copied and encourages copyright infringement, all of which could fuel a huge illegal market.

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