Meaning of Solar Eclipse

What is Solar Eclipse:

A solar eclipse or eclipse of the Sun is a natural phenomenon caused by the interposition of the Moon between the Sun and the Earth.

During the development of this phenomenon a darkness of short duration is generated, that is, for a few minutes in the middle of the day.

Solar eclipses can only occur when the Moon is in a new phase.

However, this does not mean that they necessarily have to occur every month when the Moon is in that phase, since the Moon does not rotate in the same way that the Earth does.

When the Moon is in a new phase it is because it is orbiting close to the Sun, which is why it is possible to observe the solar eclipse.

On the other hand, solar eclipses have a fairly short duration, they can only be fully appreciated for a few minutes, unlike lunar eclipses that can be observed for several hours.

In general, these eclipses can occur approximately twice a year.

Types of solar eclipses

Solar eclipses can be differentiated according to how the Moon is interposed between the Earth and the Sun.

When the term umbra is used it is to refer to the shaded part of the Sun and penumbra is the outer area of ​​the shadow that is produced.

Total Solar Eclipse - A total eclipse is possible when the Moon is positioned in front of the Sun and hides its light. It only lasts a few minutes.

This can only happen if the centers of the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned and when the new Moon is at perigee, that is, at the shortest distance from Earth.

Partial solar eclipse: the Moon does not completely cover the Sun, consequently a bright part of it can be observed.

Annular lunar eclipse: this eclipse is characterized by the possibility of seeing a ring or ring of light that forms when the Sun and the Moon align, whose diameter is smaller with respect to the Sun.

It is important to note that solar eclipses should not be observed directly as they cause serious damage to vision, such as retinal burn or blindness.

It should only be observed through lenses with a special filter, but they are not ordinary sunglasses because they do not protect the eyes enough to look up and see the eclipse.

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