Meaning of Ecuánime

What is Fair:

As equanimous we designate that person who has equanimity and balance, and who acts with justice and righteousness.

The word comes from Latin aequanĭmis, which is formed, in turn, with the voices aequus, which means 'equal', and animus, ‘Courage’, that is, one who has constancy of spirit.

Fair-minded can be a serene person, who is not exalted or easily carried away by his emotions. He is someone who is characterized by maintaining calm and composure in the face of adversity and difficulties, but also in the face of joys and happiness.

Thus, the equanimous person always shows a stable character, is tolerant, patient, understanding and fair. For this reason, fairness is also associated with fairness and impartiality, and is an appreciated characteristic in positions of great responsibility and decision-making.

Ideally, a boss, a manager, an officer, a judge or a statesman should be fair-minded people, as they should be able to maintain impartiality, objectivity and serenity when acting and making decisions.

Being fair, in this sense, is a positive characteristic in the human being, as it allows us to act and conduct ourselves with serenity, balance and good judgment, all of which helps us to develop a better understanding and vision of all the situations that occur in life.

In addition, by acting with equanimity, a person is capable of always choosing the best solution, the most sensible and rational, and, consequently, managing to resolve conflicts and overcome difficulties.

Equanimity is a very important character trait, especially today, when we live in constant stress and agitation, facing all kinds of problems and concerns on a daily basis.

There are various disciplines that help humans to achieve equanimity, such as yoga or Buddhism,

Synonyms for fair are neutral, impartial, fair, equitable, objective, serene, moderate, or judicious. Antonyms for equanimous would be, on the other hand, partial, unfair, exalted, among others.

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