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What is Edecán:

The term aide-de-camp is used to refer to the person who is in charge of helping, accompanying and assisting another exclusively. An aide-de-camp is a trusted person, therefore they have access to confidential and highly important information.

The word aide-de-camp originates from the French speech camp aide, which means aide-de-camp. For his part aide means helper, helper and, camp means field.

Aide-de-camp can be replaced by the following synonyms: assistant, assistant or adjunct.

An aide-de-camp can carry out and fulfill different tasks depending on the area where he works. In the military an aide-de-camp is a person who exercises the function of a field assistant appointed to a high-ranking officer. It is considered a personal assistant or secretary.

The figure of aide-de-camp originated several centuries ago during the development of various wars. Formerly the marshals of the troops had the help of a trusted person, also a member of the troop, to whom they assigned tasks such as sending letters or documents, among others.

For this reason, it is said that the term and responsibilities of an aide-de-camp evolved, as did the military organization, through the years.

Today, the aide-de-camp can also be part of a president's trusted work team, have access to confidential information, and participate in various political activities. These selected hostesses are high-ranking military officers.

In various countries it is considered an honorary title to hold the position of aide-de-camp in the militia, since you can enjoy certain special rights, as well as participate in various military ceremonies.

A young woman who works as an assistant or logistical support in social events such as exhibitions, product promotions, meetings or conventions is also called aide-de-camp.

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