Meaning of Efficiency

What is Efficiency:

Efficiency is a virtue or ability to achieve an effect. Also, it is the action with which that effect is achieved. The word efficiency is of Latin origin efficientĭa.

The word efficiency can be used in various contexts. Efficiency in administration refers to the correct use and with the least amount of resources to achieve a goal or when more goals are achieved with the same or fewer resources.

Efficiency in economics can be observed in 2 ways, the first is the use of the resources that make up a society to satisfy the needs and desires of the individuals that make it up or, it is the use of the minimum amount of resources that are needed to production in order to obtain profits or objectives.

In the area of ​​physics, physical efficiency refers to the energy that is invested compared to the energy obtained in a process or device. In addition, physical efficiency is observed as the ability of the human being to carry out their daily activities and, with enough energy in reserve to be used in leisure moments, in this case physical efficiency implies the good physical condition that a person possesses. human being who can attract mental agility and emotional stability.

In the area of ​​education, the term terminal efficiency is also observed, it allows to know the percentage of students who finish an educational level on a regular basis, that is, within the stipulated time.

Likewise, the set of actions or practices that man can perform in order to reduce energy consumption, is what is known as energy efficiency, it is a way of adopting responsible behavior, reducing expenses and promoting environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, efficiency is the correct use of available resources to obtain results or achieve the objectives set.

Efficiency and effectiveness

The term efficiency is confused with that of effectiveness and both are totally different. Efficiency indicates the appropriate use of resources and the results obtained, on the other hand, effectiveness is the ability of a person to achieve their objectives or goals.

Sometimes, it is possible to be efficient without being effective and vice versa, since a person can achieve what they want, that is, be effective but using more resources than normal so it is not efficient. In reference to this point, the ideal is for an individual to be effective and efficient, achieve what is proposed under the correct use of resources.

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