Meaning of Egocentric

What is Egocentric:

Egocentric is an adjective that describes someone who considers himself to be the center of all interests, the center of attention, the center of everything or the center of the world, who believes that his own opinions and interests are more important than those of others . It refers to self-centeredness relative to the ego.

The term egocentric comes from Latin, it is the union of ego, which means "I", and centrum, which means "the middle of everything or the center", and highlights the tendency of a person to refer everything to himself, making the me the center of the universe.

Some synonyms for egocentric are: selfish, narcissistic, arrogant, and egotistical. Egocentricity is the opposite of altruism. It is a form of isolation and, consequently, a form that leads to unhappiness, since self-centered people are so self-centered and superior that they end up having no friends.

See also Ególatra.

Being egocentric consists of an exaggerated exaltation of the personality of oneself, until considering it as the center of attention and the center of general activities.

In the egocentric person, imagination and thought are so constantly occupied with himself and his interests, that he is unable to put himself in the place of another person and to contemplate, from the point of view of another "I", the matrix. or the appearance of things and events that occur.

The egocentric places his thoughts on others, what he thinks, thinks, reasons, believes and decides is first and more important than the rest, therefore, the world revolves around his individuality.

See also Overbearing.

The egocentrics are subjects who are willing to make others endure their own difficulties without helping them, since they do not care about the thoughts, feelings and problems of the people around them.

They are also capable of pretending, for themselves and for others, because they do not dare to face reality, as they are afraid of hurting its demands.

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Egocentrism and psychology

In the realm of child psychology or evolutionary psychology, egocentricity is the normal mental or psychic attitude and is characteristic in second childhood. It consists of a normal attitude from 3 to 6 years old, and is characterized by the lack of distinction between personal reality and objective reality.

The psychologist Jean Piaget affirmed that all children in this stage are egocentric, since they do not have the mental mechanisms capable of making them understand that other people have beliefs, needs and reasoning different from theirs.

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