Meaning of Ególatra

What is an Ególatra:

Ególatra is an adjective that qualifies a person or an attitude that shows cult, veneration or exaggerated adoration of itself.

The term egomaniac is formed from the Greek terms ego ("I and latreìa ("worship"). Also, it can be related to the adjective "narcissistic", even with other similar terms, such as "selfish" or "self-centered", which are not exactly synonymous.

The egotistical person is characterized by presenting socialization problems, this comes from the fact that it is difficult for him to respect and value the people around him, as well as, he needs to constantly reinforce his qualities and abilities.

The specialists establish that the egotistical person may have certain affective deficiencies, even up to a certain mental imbalance, hence they need to look and feel like the individual they are not.

Self-centered people are characterized by having feelings of greatness, an exaggerated perception of their qualities, they need to be the focus of attention, they like to generate envy, they tend to be lonely, they do not like to receive criticism and they find it difficult to sympathize, among others.

Self-centered and self-centered

Both concepts share the importance that an individual can give himself. However, an egotistical person believes or pretends to be the center of attention, while an egotistical person does not always seek to be.

On the other hand, an egomaniac individual has a high concept of himself and is complacent in the contemplation of his being, his capacities or his actions.

Examples of an egotistical person

Sometimes many people act and express themselves in an egotistical way for various reasons, however, this does not mean that they are, although there will be cases in which they are.

For example, when a person who performs a certain group or team task, exaggerates their own achievements and does not value the work, abilities and qualities of their colleagues in the same way.

Also, on many occasions an egomaniac person is linked to power and money. As an example, you can mention different names of people who have been in the power of an empire or a nation and who have been described as egotistical or narcissistic, such as, for example, Donald Trump.

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Egolatra in Psychology

There is a typified Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) that can correspond to egotistical behavior.

This disorder presents a generalized pattern of grandiosity, in which there is a need for admiration, but there is no empathy with the rest of the people.

It is, therefore, a problem that affects a person individually and also socially, since the relationships established with others are conditioned by this exaggerated egotism or narcissism.

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