Meaning of Egreso

What is Egreso:

The word egress is used synonymously with leaving, getting away, retiring. By virtue of this, it is a term to describe the departure, remoteness or withdrawal of a person from the place in which he was.

Also, egress can be used as an adjective that qualifies that individual who ceased to belong to an academic, religious community, among others, for example: "he is an egress".

In extension, graduation is used to refer to people who have completed university degrees and / or any course or professional qualification in any institution or entity, who due to their effort and attendance obtained an academic degree or academic graduation, for example: "she She is a graduate of the Andrés Bello Catholic University ”.

On the other hand, the use of the term is used in other contexts such as “hospital discharge”, withdrawal of the patient from the services provided by the hospital, through a medical discharge, voluntary withdrawal of the patient, death, or transfer; "exit or exit from the penitentiary system", to distinguish the person who served his sentence or sentence in prison and regained his freedom.

Likewise, it can be found in other contexts, such as the year of graduation, the date that indicates their retirement, for example: when the individual enrolls in college and they ask about their year of graduation from high school, among other examples.

Accounting graduation

In accounting, expenditure is the outflow of money from the coffers of a company or organization, or items of downloads for expenses (increases losses, such as telephone payments) and investments that in the future will become income.

For instance; When a company buys raw material (expenses), and when transforming it into any product, it must generate income with its sale, which must exceed expenses.

Egress and income

As was said previously, expenses are the outflow of money from a company, which includes expenses and investments or costs, and for its part, income is the inflow of money that a company receives from the sale of its products.

For more information, see the article income.

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