Meaning of Example

What is Example:

As an example you can understand the case or fact that serves as a model to follow or be avoided. The word model is of Latin origin "exemplum."

Also, an example is every action or behavior that can lead to imitation, is the case of a man who acts like a good father of a family, with an impeccable, extraordinary behavior, so his behavior can be imitated, that is, It is a behavior that can be perfectly copied since it is positive and beneficial for the individual, in turn, there are harmful behaviors that are seen as a bad example and, therefore, should not be copied since "they are bad examples" .

The word example refers to or indicates a fact or text that is cited to illustrate or authorize an assertion, doctrine or opinion, this point is of utmost importance since sometimes the idea cannot be understood through a definition but through examples that clarifies and brings light to the abstract as: definition of clothing is the set of clothing and ornaments that a person wears, some examples should be cited for a better understanding: clothing, footwear, lingerie, among others.

The example can be used as a citation of an author which is mentioned to support a rule or opinion. On the other hand, the expression example serves as a lesson of punishment, for example: punish him for his bad grades.

Similarly, the expression example can be used with the following phrases: “set an example” or “take an example”, it refers to the conduct or behavior that others must or can repeat, that is, it acts following the model of another person As in the case of 2 siblings, the older brother must set an example for his younger brother through a respectful and honest conduct with their parents and other individuals, responsible with studies and, this taking the example, because it is a behavior positive that can be copied, “for example”, a phrase widely used to present a specific case of what is being explained in order to better understand the text, such as: “there are different mammalian animals for example: dogs, cows, cats, etc. "

The word example can be used as a synonym for: pattern, model, sample, mold, type, argument, among others.

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