50 examples of metaphors

The metaphor is a literary or rhetorical figure with which the meaning of one concept is attributed to another, establishing an analogy between the two. In other words, the metaphor interchanges the concepts, evidencing the similarity between them.

Its use allows you to print more beauty, grace or transcendence to what you want to express. This figure has application both in literature and in everyday language.

Metaphors in everyday language (and their meaning)

  1. The pearls of your mouth. (The teeth of your mouth)
  2. Celestial fireflies decorated the night. (The stars were shining in the night)
  3. The sky was covered in white cottons. (The sky was covered in clouds)
  4. You could hear the murmur of the river. (The sound of the river was heard)
  5. A mother lays down her life for her offspring. (A mother gives her life for her children)
  6. The girl became a butterfly. (The girl developed)
  7. The gold of her hair. (The golden color of her hair)
  8. I admired the ebony of her skin. (I admired the dark color of her skin)
  9. The green mantle of the prairie. (The grass of the meadow)
  10. The eternal dream. (Death)
  11. The flower of Life. (Youth)
  12. Beyond the earth there is only blue. (Beyond the land there is only sea)
  13. Let me taste the honey on your lips. (Let me taste the taste of your lips)
  14. Rivers of bitterness flowed from his eyes. (Tears of bitterness flowed from her eyes)
  15. The snow in her hair spoke of her history. (The gray in her hair spoke of her history)
  16. The ivory of her body seduced him. (The white of her body seduced him)
  17. He felt the drum on his chest. (He felt the beat of his chest)
  18. Two emeralds sparkled in her eyes. (Her green eyes were shining)
  19. The wail of the guitars could be heard. (The sound of guitars was heard)
  20. His eyes were two blue wells. (To refer to the color and beauty of someone's eyes)
  21. His mouth was a fresh fruit. (His mouth was red and provocative)
  22. Love is a tyrant. (Love has no choice)
  23. Your voice is music to my ears. (Your voice is nice to me)
  24. His heart was an infinite well. (His capacity to love is endless)
  25. His eyes are sapphires. (His eyes are blue and bright)
  26. His skin is velvet. (His skin is smooth)
  27. Lucrecia is a beast. (Lucrecia has a bad temper)
  28. Your arms are a safe harbor. (Your arms make me feel protected and rested)
  29. Imagination is the madwoman of the house. (Attributed to Santa Teresa de Ávila). (Restless imagination but it is part of us)
  30. His disciples, olive shoots, grew everywhere.
  31. Your skin, scented silk.
  32. The moon, lamp of the night.
  33. Hear your voice, a balm for my soul.
  34. He had nerves of steel.
  35. Nothing touched his heart of stone.
  36. The silver moon shone in the sky.
  37. He intoned with his canary voice.
  38. It wasn't a flood, it was her crying.
  39. The city, whirlwind of chaos, tireless roar.
  40. His eyes were stars; the stars were hopes; the hopes, horses that carried the chariot of this love.
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