60 Examples of simile or comparison

The simile is a literary or rhetorical figure that consists of the comparison of two terms that share a quality. Unlike the metaphor, the simile requires the use of connectors, among which the following stand out: What, which, that, similar to, resembling, similar to, etc. Let's see below some examples of simile or comparison in popular expressions, poems and biblical sources.

Simile in popular expressions

  • Luis is as elusive as a cat.
  • His eyes are like two stars.
  • It was shaking like jelly.
  • Luisa is cowardly like a mouse.
  • They are as similar as two drops of water.
  • José is brave as a lion.
  • Sleep like a baby.
  • Its texture is rough like a tree bark.
  • It is strong as steel.
  • It was pitch dark.
  • It is as light as a feather.
  • He was motionless as a statue.
  • Sing like a canary.
  • It was like lamb to the slaughterhouse.
  • Your eyes are like sapphires.
  • His smile shone like the moon in the dark.
  • There was a roar like beasts in combat.
  • He is as faithful as a dog.
  • When they argue they are like beasts.
  • They act like zamuros on the prowl.
  • He rose from the ashes like a Phoenix.
  • He hugged me like it was the last time.
  • Like a scared gazelle, the thief ran away.
  • Like Pontius Pilate, the governor evaded all responsibility.
  • It is more tangled than a kilo of tow.
  • That movie is longer than a day without bread.
  • Weighing more than a forced marriage.
  • He is more papist than the pope.
  • Eat more than new lime.
  • He is deaf than a wall.

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Simile in poetry

I will spread my works with bacon
why don't you bite me, Gongorilla,
dog of the mills of Castile,
learned in jibes, like a boy on the way.
Francisco Quevedo

In short, I have come into your hands,
do I know that I have to die so tight,
that even alleviate my care with complaints,
as a remedy, it is already defended me ...
Garcilaso de la Vega

Sometimes like a coin a piece of sun lit up between my hands.
Pablo Neruda

The wind makes my house its round of sobs and screams,
and breaks, like a glass, my cry.
Gabriela Mistral

You go through the abyss of my sadness
like a moonbeam over the seas ...
Loved nerve

Burning, hidden fury,
ash that goes crazy,
burn invisible, burn
as the powerless sea begets clouds,
waves like resentment and stony foam.
Octavio Paz

There will come a day when the human race
It will have dried up like a vain plant ...
Alfonsina Storni

I know that the sunset raises like a fragrant hero.
Adolfo Garcia Ortega

I love the subtle worlds
Weightless and gentle,
like soap foam.
Antonio Machado

The night for being sad lacks borders.
His shadow in rebellion like foam,
break down the weak walls
ashamed of whiteness;
night that cannot be anything other than night.
Luis Cernuda

Crowned with palms,
like a newcomer goddess,
she brings the unpublished word,
the strong haunch,
the voice, the tooth, the morning and the jump.
Nicolas Guillén

Our meetings are made
in the instantaneous being
that grazes and dies,
-like shepherd and beast-
between furrows and parallel centuries.
Cesar Davila Andrade

Like the sponge that the salt saturates
in the juice of the sea, it was the sweet and tender
my heart, filled with bitterness
for the world, the flesh and hell ...
Ruben Dario

I want them to teach me a cry like a river
May it have sweet mists and deep shores,
to carry Ignacio's body and get lost
without hearing the double wheezing of the bulls.
Federico Garcia Lorca

What a cheerful contact with your eyes,
light as doves scared to shore
of the water!
Jaime Sabines

Like a bird that crosses the clear air
I feel your thought coming towards me
And here in my heart make its nest.
Jose Marti

As in a subtle shell, lost pearl,
tear of the wailing waves,
between the sky and the sea overwhelmed
the soul curdles dying lights
and picks up on the bed of his life
the sediment of their deepest sorrows.
Miguel de Unamuno

Oh the night strewn with stars
that he sent from all his stars
the purest harmony of reflections
as a wedding offering to my thalamus!
Julia de Burgos

There where the murmur of life
trembling to die he goes,
like the wave that comes to the beach
silent to expire;
there where the tomb that closes
open an eternity,
everything that the two of us have kept silent,
there we have to talk about it.
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Today I send you these flowers that my hand
just cut freshly opened,
what if you don't pick them up early today
Dawn would have found them still.
They remember human destiny
because your graces and true beauties
they will wither away in a day not far off
and they will be, soon, like flowers, dead.
Pierre by Ronsard

Simile in biblical sources

I will fill you with blessings and multiply your descendants like the stars in the sky and like the sand that is on the seashore.
Genesis 22, 17

Like a lily among the thistles
she is my beloved among the young women.
Song of Songs 2, 2

Happy is he who fears the Lord and follows his ways! ...
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine in the bosom of your home;
your children, like olive shoots around your table.
Psalms 128, 1.3

Seeing the crowds, he had compassion, because they were weary and downcast, like sheep without a shepherd.
Gospel according to Matthew 9:36

In truth I tell you: if you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say to this hill: "Get out of there and get over there," and the hill would obey.
Gospel according to Matthew 17, 20

The kingdom of heaven looks like a hidden treasure.
Gospel according to Matthew 14, 44

Be cunning as snakes and meek as doves.
Gospel according to Matthew 10, 16

Happy the man who does not follow the advice of the wicked ...! He is like a tree planted by the waters edge, bearing fruit in due season ...
Psalms 1, 1.3

As a thirsty doe seeks streams of water, so my soul sighs for you, my God.
Psalms 42, 2

Although I speak all the languages ​​of men and angels, if I do not have love, I am like a ringing bell or a ringing saucer.
1st letter to Corinthians 13, 1

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