6 examples of social justice that will make you smile

Social justice is the recognition, defense and protection of the rights and duties of citizens regardless of their condition. It seeks equal opportunities among citizens based on inclusion laws. Here are some examples of social justice that will make you smile:

Laws against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment

Exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment are frank human rights violations and perpetuate social inequality. For this reason, there are laws to favor the protection of people, especially women, at risk and to condemn the criminals who perpetrate such crimes. There are also training programs aimed at eradicating these practices through education in values ​​and sociability.

Scholarships for refugees

Many people in the world have to leave their countries, forced by extreme poverty or persecution of all kinds (political, sexual, religious, etc.). There are international organizations that develop support plans to facilitate the transit and integration of refugees in host countries. This is the case, for example, of UNHCR, a non-governmental organization that has scholarship plans for the education of refugees. Education is a form of social integration and promotion of equality.

Microenterprise credit programs

One of the ways to encourage social justice is to promote the right to free enterprise in the most disadvantaged sectors. To this end, there are credit plans for micro-enterprises that provide capital for investment in family and community economic projects, which also favors social inclusion.

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Access to the health system

Health is a fundamental human right. Social justice implies guaranteeing the access of all citizens to the health system, for which each country develops laws and programs.

Laws against racial or gender discrimination

Discrimination is one of the main sources of social inequality in the world, whether we talk about racial or gender discrimination. Currently, there are laws that not only prohibit discrimination but also favor the integration of all sectors in social life.

Recognition of labor rights

Over the years, it has been shown that the mere salary does not compensate for the effort or the needs of the workers by itself. That everyone has access to a dignified life implies favoring the same opportunities. In this sense, there are labor laws that guarantee access to annual vacations, food bonuses, productivity and transportation, access to continuous training, the right to strike, industrial safety measures, health plans, etc.

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