Meaning of Exercise

What is Exercise:

The verb to exercise means to perform or practice the functions of a trade or profession. For example: "He is a doctor even though he does not practice." More broadly, it also means taking an action, applying force or pressure on something or someone. For example: "They exerted strong pressure on the referee." It is used also means to make use of a capacity, virtue, faculty or right. For example, "You did not exercise your right to vote". It also means to act or show a behavior typical of a certain condition. For example: "Act as a leader in your team." Some words that, depending on the context, can have similar meanings are: act, exercise, practice, work, profess, perform and apply.

This word comes from Latin exercre. It is formed by the prefix former- and the verb maple (in Spanish, "to enclose", "to contain", "to force").

Exercise the right to vote

Exercising the right to vote is one of the manifestations of freedom in democratic countries. In some countries it is mandatory, such as in Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia. It is a citizen participation mechanism that can be exercised in various spheres, for example at the local level (for example, in a Neighborhood Association or in elections to the City Council in municipalities), regional and national (for example in general elections ). In some cases the right to vote has some restrictions, such as age or nationality. The right to vote can be exercised in different ways, through a blank vote, null vote, positive vote, subtractive vote. When the right to vote is not exercised, there is talk of abstention.

Practice as a lawyer

Practicing as a lawyer is the practice of law. Sometimes the "practice of law" is also spoken of as the occupation or performance of this profession. Each country has its own regulations in this regard, although there are usually homologation mechanisms to be able to practice law in a different country in which it has been obtained the degree. In this sense, there are free trade agreements that include the legal profession among professional services. A Bachelor's Degree or a Law Degree is obtained through university studies. For example, in Mexico each State establishes for which professions a certain professional title and a professional license are required for their exercise. This card works as a permanent authorization so membership in a bar association is not necessary.

Exercise leadership

Exercising leadership means using personal and professional skills to influence a group of people in a certain direction. Different types of leadership can be exercised, such as authoritarian or participatory. Many times leadership is not given by professional positions or work roles (for example, a department head in relation to their workers) but, among others, it can be a natural leadership, typical of that person's personality and charisma. . In a generic way that to exercise leadership correctly, various factors must be taken into account, for example, communicative and motivational capacity.

Exercise active citizenship

It is understood that the action of exercising an active citizenship is a positive way in which a person relates to the society in which they live. All people, as citizens living in a society, have a series of rights, duties and obligations. In this sense, exercising active citizenship refers to that set of rights and opportunities that a person has to participate in different areas of society.

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