Love defined in 20 phrases

Humanity has tried to define love since time immemorial. The complexity and simplicity of love has been a recurring theme in art, a field where it has been tried to describe it, especially through phrases and stories.

Love is a word and it doesn't need to be understood

Paulo Coelho (1947-), Brazilian author, has introduced the concept of love in his works as described in the following sentences:

Love is not a repetition and it has no postures

The Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti (1920-2009) has also expressed the meaning of love with these words:

Love is cure, power and magic

The Sufi poet Ibn al-Rumi (1207-1273) expresses love thus:

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Love is a whole world

The Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez summarizes in the following sentence what it means to be loved:

Love is what you deserve

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) tries to express love through her expectations in relation to love:

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Love is to make the mind fall in love

The contemporary Mexican writer José Manuel Delgado Gautrín (1989-), under the pseudonym Joseph Kapote, manages to define Platonic love based on the original conception of the philosophers Socrates and Plato, where love focuses on virtue, intelligence and the beauty of the character and not in its physical appearance.

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Love does not choose

Mexican author Juan Rulfo (1917-1986) through Pedro Paramo manages to describe the mystery of love as follows:

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11 love phrases to dedicate and fall in love with

Here are 11 phrases and messages of love taken from poems, songs or books to dedicate to your loved one:

  • "I love you because the whole universe conspired to get me to you." (Paulo Coelho)
  • “I know that I am going to love you without questions. I know you are going to love me without answers. " (Mario Benedetti)
  • “More than kissing her, more than sleeping together; more than anything else, she was holding my hand, and that was love. " (Mario Benedetti)
  • "You don't know how I value your simple courage to love me." (Mario Benedetti)
  • "And although I have not always understood my faults and my failures, on the other hand, I know that in your arms the world makes sense." (Mario Benedetti)
  • “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you directly without problem or pride: that is how I love you because I don't know how to love otherwise. " (Pablo Neruda)
  • “They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her smile. The problem is that every time he smiles, I fall in love. " (Bob Marley).
  • "I wasn't looking for anyone and I saw you." (Fito Páez).
  • “You have no idea how hard I have searched for a gift for you. Nothing seems adequate. What is the point of bringing gold to a gold mine, or water to the ocean. Whatever it was, it was like bringing spices to the East. It was not appropriate to take my heart and my soul because you already have them. So I have brought you a mirror. Look at yourself and you will remember me. " (Rumi)
  • “I just want to be one of the reasons for your smile, maybe a little thought in your mind during the morning, or maybe a nice memory before going to sleep. I just want to be a fleeting image in front of your eyes, maybe a whispering voice in your ear, or maybe a light touch on your lips. I just want to be someone you want to have by your side, maybe not all day, but one way or another, live in you. " (Gabriela Mistral)
  • “And I must say that I fully trust the chance of having met you. That I will never try to forget you, and that if I did, I would not succeed. That I love looking at you and that I make you mine just by seeing you from afar. That I adore your moles and your chest seems like paradise to me. That you were not the love of my life, nor of my days, nor of my moment. But that I loved you, and that I love you, even though we are destined not to be. " (Julio Cortazar)
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