Meaning of Love is blind

What is Love is blind:

"Love is blind" is one of the most used expressions to refer to the irrational way of acting when in love.

The expression "love is blind" originally referred to the magic of love and the blindness of those involved who weighed emotionality and passion over rationality. Today, despite sometimes still having positive connotations, it is generally associated with criticism of acts of love that denote irrationality.

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Love is blind and madness accompanies it

It is a popular tale that has given the expression "love is blind" a surname for Spanish speakers, associating love with madness.

It is said that in a meeting of feelings, madness invites everyone to play hide and seek. When only love was missing, madness glimpsed him behind a rose bush and accidentally buried the thorns in the eyes of love, leaving him blind. Madness, feeling responsible, promised from then on to accompany love forever. And this is how the expression "love is blind and madness always accompanies it" was born.

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Some phrases about "Love is blind"

  • "Love, blind as it is, prevents lovers from seeing the funny nonsense they commit." William Shakespeare.
  • "The secret of happiness in love consists less in being blind than in closing your eyes when necessary." Simone Beauvoir.
  • "It is not love that should be represented as blind, but self-love." Voltaire
  • "Love is called the game in which a pair of blind men play to hurt themselves." Joaquin Sabina

Origin of the phrase "Love is blind"

The phrase "love is blind" was popularized in 1596 in the works of the English playwright William Shakespeare.

The phrase first appears in 1405 in an English tale called "Chaucer Merchant’s Tale"Or" The story of the merchant Chaucer. "

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