Meaning of The habit does not make the monk

What is The habit does not make the monk:

The saying "the habit does not make the monk" refers to the fact that people should not be judged by their appearance, but rather it is necessary to distinguish their behavior and the values ​​with which they are oriented. Another way of putting it is that "not everything is what it seems."

The saying also applies to warn that if someone wants to be considered a worthy representative of something, it can be an authority, a profession, a trade, a value or a social role, appearances or titles are not enough, but they have to to have a genuine coherence in the conduct, habits and customs that demonstrate it.

The word "habit" in this saying refers to the clothing that the monks of the monasteries "habitually" wear, due to their vows of poverty and the need to identify as a community with their colleagues and with their spiritual mission. Hence, when seeing a person dressed in habit, it is presumed that he is a person of prayer and spirituality. However, your behavior may not honor your outfit, and the outfit may not go beyond a costume. Therefore, it is necessary to learn not to judge by external signs.

There are other sayings with equivalent meaning, such as "Faces we see, hearts we do not know", "Silk and satin do not give status", "Although the monkey dresses in cute silk it stays", "Under a good coat sometimes there is a man bad ”or“ Although dressed in wool, I am not a sheep ”.

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